Career Spotlight: "Adventures of an EntrepreNEUROscientist: lessons I've learned so far"


Thursday, February 21, 2019 - 12:00 to 13:00


C700, Lab3


Target Audience: Anybody interested in academic versus industrial careers in science, and in pros and cons of combining both

Guest: Dr. Leonard Khiroug, Co-founder and CSO at Neurotar Ltd and Adj.Prof. at University of Helsinki

Session Format: Short presentation followed by an informal discussion

Discussion points:

  • A case study of transition from bench scientist to a company's scientific director and university's principal investigator
  • Societal impact of academic and industrial research
  • Synergies and conflicts of interest

Everyone is welcome!


About Dr. Leonard Khiroug

Leonard Khiroug, PhD, is a dynamic and experienced research scientist and entrepreneur. He is a co-founder and CSO (Chief Scientific Officer) of an innovative biotech company Neurotar Ltd, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of Helsinki, Finland where he supervises the In Vivo Microscopy Unit. Expert in Cellular Neuroscience, specializing in synaptic pathophysiology using in vivo microscopy of rodent brain, Leonard obtained his MSc from Kazan University in Russia, PhD from SISSA in Italy, and received 5 years of postdoc training at Duke University and NIH in the USA. He has been working as a principal investigator at the University of Helsinki for 15 years, including a 5-year term at a competitive and prestigious Research Fellow post with the Academy of Finland. Dr. Khiroug has co-authored 60+ peer-reviewed articles and acted as inventor on several patent applications (one granted to date).


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