[Seminar] "Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy" by Dr. Xiaomin Liu (Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany)


Wednesday, March 8, 2023 - 15:30 to 16:30


C210, Center Building, Level C


Title: Single-molecule fluorescence microscopy

Abstract: The research in my group focuses mainly on the development of single-molecule fluorescence microscopy techniques, based on new types of fluorescence dyes and advanced laser systems. Such microscopy techniques could not only provide optical super-resolution imaging with nanometer-scale resolution, but also enable 2D/3D molecular dipole direction probing. Many applications with single-molecule sensitivity, such as material and bio-imaging, surface reactivity and electrochemical reactions, and structure order/disorder/defects investigations, can benefit from it. In this seminar I will give a brief introduction of those related techniques and corresponding applications.

CV: Dr. Xiaomin Liu studied electronic engineering at Zhejiang University in China. Then she joined the group of J. Lægsgaard and D. Turchinovich at the Technical University of Denmark for a PhD project in optical engineering. Her PhD thesis focused on the development of optical femtosecond fiber laser. After the PhD, she continued to work in the same group as a PostDoc with a funded Danish FTP project. During this time, she built broadband wavelength tunable femtosecond fiber lasers. In 2015 she came to the MPI-P as a postdoc based on NIH funding and from 2017 she started independent research focused on optical super-resolution microscopy. She is currently a group leader in the department of Molecular Spectroscopy.


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