Past Events

Seminar: Mechanisms of model-based reinforcement learning: Prospection and episodes, by Prof. Nathaniel D. Daw

Seminar Room C210, Level C, Center bldg
Seminar: Prof Nathaniel Daw from New York University talks on "Mechanisms of model-based reinforcement learning: Prospection and episodes"

OIST Science Challenge 2015

2015-03-08 to 2015-03-14
OIST Campus
Application required. Go to for more information and application.

[Time changed] Seminar: Dopamine neurons, synapses and susceptibility in Parkinson’s disease by Prof. J. Paul Bolam

Seminar Room B503, Level B, Lab 1
Seminar: Prof. J. Paul Bolam, from the MRC Anatomical Neuropharmacology Unit at the University of Oxford. Title: "Dopamine neurons, synapses and susceptibility in Parkinson’s disease"

[Time changed]Seminar: Rethinking Habituation: New Insights into the Complexity of the Simplest Form of Learning, by Prof Catharine Rankin

D014 Meeting Room, Lab 1 Level D
Seminar: Prof Catharine Rankin from UBC talks on the complexity of habituation, the simplest form of learning

Seminar: Correlation effects in skew scattering of electrons, by Prof Tim Ziman

D014 Meeting Room, Level D, Lab 1
Prof Timothy Ziman, ILL/Université Joseph Fourier Seminar on skew scattering of electrons including eff ects of critical spin fluctuations on anomalous and spin Hall e ffects in ferromagnetic alloys.

OIST Café in 東京

東京都千代田区神田駿河台4-4 丸中ビル 4F LEN貸し会議室「御茶ノ水ニコライ堂前」 会議室E

Seminar: Real Time Vision Applications, Prof Donald Bailey, Massey University

The use of field programmable gate arrays for implementing embedded vision algorithms.

"Understanding Adolescence: From Basic Science to Public Policy" Harlene Hayne

B250 Seminar Room, Center Bldg
Vice-Chancellor & Professor of Psychology, University of Otago. English with no interpretation. 講演会は英語のみになります。

"Mini" OIST Café in Tokyo

Speaker: Dr. Harry Wilson, Academic Service section manager.

"Mini" OIST café in Kobe

Space Alfa Sannomiya
Speaker will be Taichiro Sakagami from OIST Open Biology Unit, who is from Kobe! スピーカーは神戸出身の坂上太一郎技術員(OISTオープンバイオロジーユニット)!