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Past Events

[Webinar] The Neanderthals in Us: How Neanderthal Genes Influence Us Today


Learn how genes from Neanderthals still influence us from one of the most outstanding leaders in the field of evolutionary genetics. Dr. Pääbo will discuss how Neanderthal gene variants influence fertility, pain sensitivity and severity of SARS-COV-2 infections in people today.

Svante Pääbo is Director, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology & Adjunct Professor at OIST.

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[Webinar] Oceans, Climate, Cholera, and the Corona Virus: A Discussion with Dr. Rita Colwell


We are pleased to announce that this public webinar is rescheduled to Wednesday, September 16 (JST).

Dr. Rita Colwell, one of the most eminent scientists of our time and a member of OIST's Board of Governors, will share her insights into global challenges facing the planet today ranging from the health of oceans to climate change to disease. In addition, she will highlight elements of her new book, A Lab of One’s Own, about the challenges women face in the field of science and how this can be changed.

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The Science of Entrepreneurship in Japan [Webinar]


Moderated by one of the most outstanding women in the Japanese corporate sector today, and broadcast live from Tokyo, Okinawa, and New York, this webinar presents a conversation between entrepreneurs, business strategists and innovation leaders, which will lead to some practical suggestions for participants interested in exploring entrepreneurship in Japan.

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(Zoom) Strengthening transnational bonds in the era of online connections


Strengthening transnational bonds in the era of online connections: Research and Educational Exchange in the U.S., Japan, and the Philippines
Sponsored by: Fulbright Japan, Fulbright Philippines, OIST Foundation

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The Future of Coral: Climate Change and Coral Reefs in the U.S. and Okinawa


Join the OIST Foundation for an on-line discussion about research in the U.S. and Japan on the impact of climate change on coral reefs featuring Dr. Timothy Ravasi, Professor of Marine Science, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) & Dr. Jose M. Eirin-Lopez, Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, Florida International University (Miami, Florida).


[Webinar] The Future of Higher Education in the Era of COVID-19: Lessons from Japan and the United States


As campuses are shuttered and classes moved online, the spread of COVID-19 poses mid-term and long-term uncertainties, as well as opportunities to implement innovation for positive change for the higher education industry. 

(Webinar) Expedition Japan: Commodore Perry's Hidden Interest in Science


Join this exciting OIST Foundation webinar to learn about the unknown scientific aspects of Commodore Matthew C. Perry’s exhibition to Japan. Featuring Dr. Matthew Perry, a wildlife scientist and descendent of Commodore Perry, the webinar will touch upon the ways in which this early US-Japan interaction formed a base for long-term US-Japan science diplomacy and exchange. 

The Coronavirus in the U.S. and Japan: Perspectives from the Health Sector (Webinar)


This public webinar will explore the evolving impact of the novel coronavirus in the United States and Japan and lessons we might learn from the experiences of our two countries.