Synthetic Biology Journal Club Schedule

We are a casual weekly journal club with broad interest in Synthetic Biology. Although presentations often tend to be about RNA papers, since it's the area of expertise for many members, we want to diversify (especially Gear).

Preparation for a presentation is minimal: read the paper, copy figures into a Powerpoint file, make a quick Google/Wikipedia search about the background, and leave the rest for group discussion.

We meet on Thursdays at 5 pm in one of the teaching classrooms in Lab 3, level B, usually B711. If we're not there, peek into other classrooms - we should be there! 

If you have questions or want to be added to the mailing list, email

Summer 2020 

Date Presenter Paper
September 10 Stefano

A protein functionalization platform based on selective reactions at methionine residues

September 17 Vyankat Cell- and Polymerase- Selective Labeling of Cellular RNA with 2'-Azidocytidine
September 24 Takeshi Acoustic Biosensors for Ultrasound Imaging of Enzyme Activity
October 1 Kamila Characterization and Mitigation of Gene Expression Burden in Mammalian Cells
October 8 Gear Electrogenetic Cellular Insulin Release for Real-Time Glycemic Control in Type-1 Diabetic Mice
October 15 Yoshiki

Programmable m6A modification of cellular RNAs with a Cas13-directed methyltransferase

October 22 cancelled  
October 29 Samuel Maximizing Transcription of Nucleic Acids with Efficient T7 Promoters 
November 5 Vyankat Thermoreversible Control of Nucleic Acid Structure and Function with Glyoxal Caging
November 12  Stefano

Scalable continuous evolution for the generation of diverse enzyme variants encompassing promiscuous activities

November 19 cancelled  
November 26 Takeshi Reversible Membrane Deformations by Straight DNA Origami Filaments
December 3 Kamila Rapid (30-second), equipment-free purification of nucleic acids using easy-to-make dipsticks
December 10 Gear

Automation in the Life Science Laboratory

December 17 Yoshiki Label as you fold: methyltransferase-assisted functionalization of DNA nanostructures

Holiday Break Until January 14, when Samuel will teach us how to store information in DNA