Synthetic Biology Journal Club Schedule

We are a casual bi-weekly journal club with broad interest in Synthetic Biology.

Preparation for a presentation is minimal: read the paper, copy figures into a Powerpoint file, make a quick Google/Wikipedia search about the background, and leave the rest for group discussion.

We meet every second Wednesday at 4:30 pm in one of the teaching classrooms in Lab 3, level B, usually B711. If we're not there, peek into other classrooms - we should be there! 

If you have questions or want to be added to the mailing list, email


Schedule for summer 2023

Date Presenter Paper
April 19 Samuel

Combinatorial protein dimerization enables precise multi-input synthetic computations

May 10 Marius

Engineering transmembrane signal transduction in synthetic membranes using two-component systems

May 24 Yoshiki

Programmable protein delivery with a bacterial contractile injection system.

June 07 Bochen

Activity-based directed evolution of a membrane editor in mammalian

June 21 Benjamin

A universal glycoenzyme biosynthesis pipeline that enables efficient cell-free remodeling of glycans

July 05 Tomoya

Optogenetic control of apical constriction induces synthetic morphogenesis in mammalian tissues

July 19 Diana  
August 02 Amy  
August 16 Rosa