Transportation : Silver Workshop


Feb 27 (Wed)

Individual Arrival Time

Naha Airport Domestic Terminal ➔ Moon Beach Airport Limousine Bus
Feb 28 (Thu) 09:50 Moon Beach  ➔ OIST Jumbo TAXI
  18:45 OIST ➔ Kafuu Resort Hotel (Restaurant "The Orange" ) Jumbo TAXI
  21:00 Kafuu Resort Hotel (Main Entrance) ➔ Moon Beach  Jumbo TAXI
Mar 1 (Fri) 10:00 Moon Beach  ➔ OIST Jumbo TAXI
  17:30 OIST ➔ Moon Beach Jumbo TAXI
Mar 2 (Sat)

Individual Departure Time

Moon Beach ➔ Naha Airport Domestic Terminal Airport Limousine Bus
  • Airport Limousine Bus (website)
    • Limousine bus ticket can be purchased at Naha airport limousine bus ticketing counter (JP/EN) & Hotel Moon Beach reception. *On-board payment is NOT accepted.
    • Please retain and submit the receipt for reimbursement.
    • Online seat reservation is also available.
    • Timetable (Area B, Area C)

* We will arrange a Taxi for those who will arrive / depart outside Limousine bus service hours. Information will be sent to the individuals by email

*If you missed to catch a bus due to a delay of arrival or no seat availability, please use a taxi and submit the receipt to us for reimbursement.

  • Taxi Pick-up / Drop-off Location: Moon Beach (Main Entrance),  OIST (Bus Stop)