Single Cell System

ddSeq -Single-Cell Isolator

Maker: Bio-Rad Laboratories
Model:  ddSeq

Features: The ddSEQ Single-Cell Isolator works with the Illumina Bio-Rad SureCell WTA 3' Library Prep Kit for the ddSEQ System. This technology utilizes disposable microfluidic cartridges to coencapsulate single cells and barcodes into subnanoliter droplets, where cell lysis and barcoding occur. RNA-Seq libraries are subsequently prepared and sequenced. Analysis is conducted via BaseSpace.

How to use ddSeq (Internal Only)

Chromium Controller

Maker:10X Genomics

Features: The latest microfluidic platform enables high throughput analysis. Each chip processes up to eight samples in parallel in less than 20 minutes.

How to use Chromium Controller (Internal Only)

Chromium X 

Maker:10X Genomics

Features: Chromium X runs all single-cell assays, including new high-throughput assays for Single Cell Immune Profiling and Single Cell Gene Expression.

How to use ChromiumX (Internal Only)