*This time only!! Okinawan (Ryuukyuu) Traditional Dance Practice


2023年6月27日 (火) 14:002023年6月28日 (水) 16:00


Village Center Meeting Room


What will you learn from this workshop

1)History of Ryuukyuu(Okinawan) Traditional dance

2)Instructor will demonstrate some Ryuukyuu dances.

*Teaching how to move your foot to feel the rhythm of music.

3)You will learn how to some dances such as  Hamachidori (浜千鳥)、Kachashii(カチャーシー)

*There have link for introduction videos above, Please confirm those videos.

4)If there has a plenty time, you will wear traditional costume(Bingata) by yourself and take pictures and videos.

5)Performance time (about 20 minutes)  for showing the result of training.

Class Details

Date|日程:P.M 2:00 ~ 4:00, Tuesday, June 27th 

Place|開催場所: Village Center Meeting Room

Fee|参加費: For Student  500  JPY. 

                  For Non-Student   1,980  JPY

(Both of fees including rental costume fee)

CAPACITY|定員:10 people (First-come,first-served.)

What to bring… Please wear comfortable clothes to move around, sweat towel, water bottle and socks.

*English/Japanese are Available as an interpreter will be there.

*We welcome mens participants for this Practice.

Registration required.


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