[1 spot available!]Okinawan Traditional Sweets Cooking Class


2024年4月23日 (火) 14:00 16:00


Village Center Community Kichen


What will you make sweets for this workshop

①紅芋ムーチー(鬼餅) |Beniimo Muuchi(Purple sweet potato taste rice cake)

Muuchii is a Okinawan traditional steamed rice cake wrapped with Sanshin(Shell ginger) leaves.In 8th December (Lunar Calender), Muuchii will be offering to the Okinawan gods to pray for the health of their family members on the 8th of the December in the lunar calender.The taste like is sticky and very tasty.There are some taste like plain(white sugar), brown sugar, and purple sweet potatoes and etc.This workshop, we will make purple sweet potato’s taste Muuchii (steamed rice).



  • Rice flour …500g
  • Appropriate quantities of Water
  • (Shell ginger) leaves …20~30
  • Sugar …120g
  • Purple sweet potato powder …30g

②三月菓子(サングァチグァーシ)|March sweets (Okinawan style doughnut)

Long time ago, this sweets was made as an offering to pray for the happiness of girls on the 3rd day of March in the lunar calender. Today, we enjoy eating as casual sweets such as Saa-taa andagi, This is a typical Okinawan deep-fried sweets.



  • Wheat Flour        1kg
  • Baking powder     10g
  • Eggs              6~8
  • Salad oils         1 tablespoon
  • Oil for flyer       Plenty of oils 

Class details

DATE|日程: Tuesday, 23rd April | 4月23日(火) 

TIME|開催時間:P.M(午後)2:00 ~ 4:00
場所:Village Center Community Kichen

CAPACITY|定員:10 people (First-come,first-served. | 先着順です)

FEE|参加費: For Student  500  JPY/  For Non-Student   2,200  JPY

*Students: Please bring exact amount of 500 yen to the Recreaiton Services office by 19th(Fri), April th to confirm your attendance.

*Non students: Please bring exact amount of 2,200 yen to the Recreation Services office19th(Fri), April to confirm your attendance.



What to bring... Apron|エプロン

Reggistration required.

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