(Filled to capacity)Japanese Tea Ceremony for OIST'ers(Workshop)


2022年6月7日 (火) 16:00 17:30


Cafe B-Level


Japanese Tea Ceremony/裏千家流お茶会

Ms. Yasui is an amazing teacher of Japanese traditional Tea Ceremony ( Urasenke style of Sado). This time, she will have an educational tea ceremony for all OIST members. This ceremony will be held casual table style and anyone is welcome to participate. You will learn the ways of making tea and have a delicious traditional tea sweet. You will receive the experience learning about Japanese hospitality through this tea ceremony.



※Thank you for so many applications. We currently stopped accepting applications because there are no more available seats. We are planning next tea ceremony in the future. Please wait for a moment.


Date / 日時

Tuesday, June 7th 16:00~17:30

6月7日 火曜日 16時~17時30分

New Location/場所が変更しました

Cafe B-Level カフェBレベル

Payment Method/お支払い方法

All OIST members (OIST students, OIST employee and families) are 1.000 Yen


Other Information/その他

Everyone is welcome to join in casual clothes.



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