English Language Learning for Native Japanese Speaking Children


2021年9月1日 (水) 9:002021年11月30日 (火) 11:00


Seminar Room at the Seaside House


We feel the most important part of language learning for children at the elementary school age is that they enjoy using English and see it as something that is fun and confidence-building. If young learners have positive and fun experiences with learning a second language, they will be more likely to use their second language in the future when it becomes important for school exams and job interviews. Therefore we are focusing on fun activities in class. That said, we want the course to be productive to the students learning. We are sending daily homework and ensuring the class has a good balance of the 4 main skills of language learning which are reading, writing, speaking, and listening.

・We will not be dividing the class by age group in any way, however we do have a leveling system that means students are participating in slightly different activities based on their level and language learning needs.

・We will also adjust the price and begin a monthly billing. The course will be ¥22,500/monthly for a maximum of 12 hours of study.

・We will also be adding a daily report card update and monthly progress reports so that parents can keep up to date with how their child is doing in class.

・Please see the  daily class schedule below on the Registration Page.


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