Diamond Superconductivity and its Josephson Junction and SQUID


2021年1月28日 (木) 11:00


Quantum Machines Unit - Zoom Seminar open to OIST

Diamond Superconductivity and its Josephson-Junction and SQUID

Abstract: TBA.


Hiroshi Kawarada is Professor of Department of Electronics & physical Systems and Department of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology at Waseda University. He received B.S., M.E. and Doctor of Engineering (1985) at Waseda University. Between 1986-1990, he was Assistant Professor in Osaka University. From 1990, he joined Waseda University as Professor.


Attendees must register here to attend the zoom meeting. Note this meeting will not be recorded. This seminar is hosted by Prof Jason Twamley. 

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