Past Events

Levitodynamics of optically active nanocrystals

2023年6月22日 (木) 16:00

Did you know that for some very special materials, when you shine light on them they will cool down? Optical refridgeration is not a very well known phenomena but it can cool materials down to temperatures below 100K! In this talk we will discuss the optical trapping of nanoparticles AND the bulk cooling of them using optical means.

Generation of entanglement from mechanical rotations

2023年6月15日 (木) 16:00
Lab 4 E01

Generation of entanglement from mechanical rotations. Is it possible to use the movement of massive objects to generate quantum entanglement? If this proves to be possible - what consequences would it have for our understanding regarding quantum mechanics and how it relates to space and time? Come to this talk by thoeretician Dr Toros, from Scotland - to hear how he proposes to do it and what might be the consequences!

[Seminar] Cavity Magnonics

2023年5月25日 (木) 16:00 17:00
Seminar Room F01 - Lab 4

Prof. Yaroslav M. Blanter, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft University of Technology.

Come chat with Serge!

2023年5月19日 (金) 10:00

Come chat with Serge…

Please join us for an informal discussion with Prof Serge Haroche…Serge was joint awardee of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics for “ground-breaking experimental methods that enable measuring and manipulation of individual quantum systems”!




Quantum networks based on diamond spin qubits - Prof T Taminiau [QUTech]

2023年4月20日 (木) 16:00

Prof Tim Taminiau from QuTech in Delft, Netherlands, is an experimentalists who studies the use of defects in diamond continaing electron and nuclear spins for quantum technology. In this talk he will  discuss recent progress in controlling such electron-nuclear spin systems for quantum networks and for distributed quantum computations and simulations.

[Seminar] Optical fiber Fabry-Perot cavities: Production and applications - Prof Takahasi, PI of the EQIP Unit

2023年4月13日 (木) 10:00 11:00
Seminar Room C209 - Ctr Bldg

Prof. Hiroki Takahashi, Assistant Professor of the Experimental Quantum Information Physics Unit

Dr Quijandria: Quantum error correction with dissipatively stabilized squeezed cat qubits

2023年2月16日 (木) 10:00
Meeting Room C016 Lab 1

Quantum computers can use many forms of quantum systems to encode and process quantum information. There has been a lot of interest recently on using modes of light to encode quantum information but this brings with it some questions about how to encode quantum information into an infinite dimensional Hilbert space which is robust against errors. This talk will show how this can be achieved.

[Seminar] Gottesman-Kitaev-Preskill Codes as Subsystems

2023年2月10日 (金) 10:00 11:00
C700 - Lab 3

Prof. Andrew Doherty - School of Physics, The University of Sydney

Sub-wavelength quantum imaging for astronomy

2023年2月2日 (木) 10:00
Seminar Room B503 - Ctr Bldg

Can quantum mechanics help with the precise imaging of faint astronomical objects? In this talk Dr Huang will explain her recent research about a quantum protocol for distributed quantum sensing with applications to telescope arrays.

Optomechanics with levitated liquid Helium

2023年1月20日 (金) 10:00
Meeting Room L4F23 L4 Bldg

Optomechanics is the science that describes the interaction of light with moving objects. It has developed rapidly over the past ten years and has many applications in developing novel high precision sensors such as LIGO. Dr Harris will describe research which uses magnetically levitated liquid Helium to perform optomechanical experiments.