Hiroshi Itoyama: Enhanced gauge symmetry and suppressed cosmological constant in heterotic interpolating models (Zoom seminar)


2021年4月5日 (月) 14:00


Lab 4, E01


Remote seminar by Hiroshi Itoyama (NITEP, Osaka City University)
Title: "Enhanced gauge symmetry and suppressed cosmological constant in heterotic interpolating models"

I discuss a series of recent work with Sota Nakajima where we uncovered a possibility of simultaneous realization of suppressed cosmological constant and enhanced gauge symmetry in the supersymmetric restoring region of heterotic interpolating string models. The construction invokes a twisted toroidal compactification and a full set of Wilson lines in various dimensions. In the latest work in progress with Yuichi Koga and Sota Nakajima, enhancement patterns are shown to be realized in low energy effective field theory as well.


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