Theoretical Physics Seminar: Nico Fischer


2021年7月9日 (金) 14:00


Lab 4, F01


This is the 34th biweekly session of the OIST Theoretical Physics Seminar.
In this seminar series, we pretend to have a theoretical physics department, and tell each other informal stories over drinks and snacks.
Except no drinks and snacks, because COVID.

Speaker: Nico Fischer (Quantum Gravity).
Title: "An introduction to spontaneous symmetry breaking in (Q)FT".

Spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB, or 'hidden symmetry') is a key mechanism not only in (Quantum) Field Theory but also statistical mechanics. In this talk, I aim to give a beginner-friendly introduction to this mechanism, starting from a (very) simple scalar field theory. We will then discover the creation of massless Goldstone bosons, and discuss how they can (and will) be eaten up again by gauge fields (a.k.a. the Higgs mechanism; The latter will probably have to wait for a follow-up seminar in the near future).
This talk is directed at all students that have never heard about SSB or would like to enjoy a little brushing-up.


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