Theoretical Non-Physics Seminar: David O'Connell


2021年1月15日 (金) 14:00


Lab 4, F01


This is the 29th biweekly session of the OIST Theoretical Physics Seminar.
In this seminar series, we pretend to have a theoretical physics department, and tell each other informal stories over drinks and snacks.
Except no drinks and snacks, because people stopped consuming them for some reason. If you want them back, let me know.
And except this time it's more math than physics. But it's relevant math, so OK.

Speaker: David O'Connell (Quantum Gravity).
Title: "An Introduction to Lie Theory".

Upon reading the name, one might think that Lie theory is some sort of body of knowledge related to deception, or perhaps even a theory dedicated to maintaining a horizontal bodily position. In fact, it is much more interesting – Lie theory is a wonderful synthesis of symmetry, geometry, calculus, and algebra. In this talk, we will introduce the basics of Lie groups and Lie algebras, and present the aesthetic correspondence between the two.

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