[Seminar] "Double Field Theory" by Falk Hassler


2018年1月9日 (火) 15:30 16:30


C756, Lab 3


Quantum Gravity Unit (Neiman Unit) would like to invite you to a seminar by Falk Hassler from UNC at Chapel Hill & University of Pennsylvania

Title: Double Field Theory

String theory's secret in approaching an UV complete theory of gravity is the transition from point particles to extended objects. A direct consequence is the emergence of dualities, like T-, S- and U-duality. They have numerous applications and are essential for studying string theory, but for me the most intriguing question is: "Can they teach us more about (quantum) gravity?". My talk gives a short introduction to double / exceptional field theory, a framework which is exactly motivated by this question. Instead of presenting all the formal details, I will try to focus on the underlying ideas and important applications, like the construction of new flux vacua or consistent truncations of supergravity. Finally, I explain some open questions which are currently under active research and motivate why their answers could also be beneficial for other research areas, like the gauge gravity correspondence.

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