QG group meeting: The (Semi-)Classical Limit of Entanglement


2021年7月28日 (水) 15:00


Lab 4, E01


This is the weekly QG group meeting.
Speaker: Josh Kirklin.
Title: "The (Semi-)Classical Limit of Entanglement".

There are two different descriptions of the physical world: quantum and classical. The former is widely believed to be more fundamental than the latter, which we get by taking a classical limit. It is interesting to ask: what happens to the distinctly quantum mechanical phenomenon of entanglement in this limit? In quantum gravity, it has been proposed that entanglement is responsible for the emergence of a classical geometric spacetime, but to really analyse whether this proposal makes sense, we need to contextualise it within a concrete mathematical framework. In this talk based on currently on-going work, I'll discuss a possibility for such a framework, using a generalisation of the coherent state approach to the classical limit. I'll also highlight some interesting relationships between locality, entanglement, and gauge symmetry.

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