Carrollian and Galilean conformal higher-spin algebras in any dimensions


2021年11月25日 (木) 16:30


Lab4 F01 and Zoom


Seminar hosted by QG Unit.
Speaker: Dr. Andrea Campoleoni, Universite de Mons
Title: Carrollian and Galilean conformal higher-spin algebras in any dimensions


I will present higher-spin algebras containing a Poincaré subalgebra and with the same set of generators as the Lie algebras that are relevant toVasiliev's equations in any space-time dimension D > 2.
The Poincaré algebra describes both the isometries of Minkowski space and the ultra-relativistic, aka Carrollian, limit of the conformal algebra in one less dimension. As a result, the algebras I will present can be interpreted either as higher-spin algebras in Minkowski space or as Carrollian conformal higher-spin algebras in one dimension less.
I will also show how one can define along the same lines a non-relativistic, aka Galilean, limit of conformal higher-spin algebras. Actually, with similar techniques one can easily obtain other classes of higher-spin algebras and I will discuss the potential applications of our results and techniques.


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Time: Nov 25, 2021 03:30 PM Osaka, Sapporo, Tokyo
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