ORC Office Elections 2020

The ORC represents all Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff Scientists, Research Specialists,  Research Unit Technicians, and Research Fellows at OIST. It provides them with information about university matters, collects their opinions and suggestions, and provides feedback to the University. The ORC champions diversity and welcomes/encourages participation in its Office, Advisory Groups, and various Committees of members representing different gender identities, cultures, religions, employee statuses, scientific disciplines, etc.

On January 10, 2020, ORC Office has announced the organization of an election to select a new office  (OIST PRP 4.5.2): 

  • 2 Researcher Representatives: represent researchers during faculty assemblies and other meetings
  • 1 Researcher Representative Alternate: substitute representative in meetings
  • 1 Chairperson: sets the agenda, manages ORC office activities and meetings
  • 1 Secretary: keeps notes and minutes, organizes meetings

Eligible voters

Postdoctoral Scholars, Staff Scientists, Research Specialists, Research Unit Technicians and Research Fellows employed on February 6, 2020.

Candidates and Online Voting

The candidate list has now been published!

You can vote online between Saturday 8 February and Thursday 5 March.

Important dates

01/10 (Fri) - 02/05 (Wed) 02/07 (Fri) Nominations and candidate registration
02/07 (Fri) Validation of candidate and voter lists
02/08 (Sat) - 03/05 (Thu) Online elections
03/06 (Fri) Results
03/09 (Mon) - 03/31 (Tue) Transition period
04/01 (Wed) New ORC Office