RAM 2023

Researcher Appreciation Month (RAM) is an interdisciplinary set of events organized by the ORC Council and volunteers of the RAM Committee to celebrate the researchers' contributions at OIST. Please stay tuned for the 2023 program, everyone at OIST is welcome to join RAM events!

RAM Committee Members

ORC Council

Dewi Langlet
Dylan Brown
Maria E. A. Santos
Sandra De la Fuente Ruiz 


Filip Husnik 
Igors Dubanevics
Jamila Rodrigues
Kosmas Deligkaris 
Larisa Kiseleva 
Miho Tamai
Seita Taba 
Tanomi Yamamura 


* Participation is FREE and open to all OIST Community! *

For any inquiries, please feel free to contact us at: 

RAM 2023 Committee
E-mail: orc@oist.jp