Nobel Turing Challenge Initiative (NTCI): The 2nd Workshop on Nobel Turing Challenge


2022年11月1日 (火) 9:00 18:30


Kobe Campus, RIKEN / Zoom



The 2nd Workshop on Nobel Turing Challenge


The Nobel Turing Challenge is a grand challenge aiming at developing a highly autonomous AI and robotics system that can make major scientific discoveries, some which may be worthy of the Nobel Prize and even beyond. Accomplishing this challenge requires a development of a series of technologies and in-depth understanding on the process of scientific discoveries. From the system development perspective the challenge is to make a closed-loop system from knowledge acquisition and hypothesis generation and verification to full automation of experiments and data analytics.  

This series of workshops aims to discuss a process of scientific discovery and how AI can make it happen highly autonomously to yield high impact discoveries.   

The second workshop on the Nobel Turing Challenge will be held at RIKEN Kobe campus in the hybrid onsite/online format.  We will further develop the discussions that took place in the first full online workshop where we shared information on the current status of the field and what can be our possible high impact targets.   A guided tour of RIKEN’s robotic biology laboratory is also planned for the onsite participants.

Discussed topics will include, but not limited to:

Extraction of knowledge from a body of publications
Representation of scientific knowledge
Automation of hypothesis generation 
Automation of discovery of laws from experimental data
Model-based active learning to identify latent structures
Generation of reasoning to support and refute generated hypothesis
Automation of experiments and workflow systems

We are expecting that this workshop will be the stepping stone for creation of the larger and more comprehensive forum of the field.


  Dr. Koichi Takahashi RIKEN
  Prof. Robert Murphy Carnegie Mellon University
  Dr. Yolanda Gil USC Information Sciences Institute
  Prof. Hod Lipson Columbia University
  Prof. Shinichiro Fuse Nagoya University
  Dr. Shane Gu Google Brain
  Prof. Kanako Harada University of Tokyo
  Dr. Satoshi Tamaki MOLCURE Inc.
  Prof. Ross King Chalmers University of Technology
  Dr. Cristina Cornelio Samsung AI Center - Cambridge
  Prof. Andrew Cooper The University of Liverpool
  Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi Nagoya University / RIKEN
  Dr. Genshiro Sunagawa RIKEN
  Prof. Hiroaki Kitano The Systems Biology Institute / OIST


Scheduled time in JST

  09:00 - 09:10   Opening
  09:10 - 09:35 (09:40)   Title (TBD)
Dr. Koichi Takahashi, RIKEN
  09:40 - 10:05 (10:10)   Automated Science: Science without humans
Prof. Robert Murphy, Carnegie Mellon University
  10:10 - 10:35 (10:40)   Title (TBD)
Dr. Yolanda Gil, USC Information Sciences Institute
  10:40 - 10:50   Break
  10:50 - 11:15 (11:20)   Title (TBD)
Prof. Hod Lipson, Columbia University
  11:20 - 11:45 (11:50)   The Past, Present, and Future of Automation in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
Prof. Shinichiro Fuse, Nagoya University
  11:50 - 12:15 (12:20)   Knowledge Discovery Inside-Outside Large Language Models​
Dr. Shane Gu, Google Brain
  12:20 - 13:10   Lunch
  13:10 - 14:10   Lab Tour
  14:10 - 14:35 (14:40)   Co-evolution of Human and AI-Robots to Expand
Science Frontiers - Advances Required for Autonomous Robots -

Prof. Kanako Harada, University of Tokyo
  14:40 - 15:05 (15:10)   Title (TBD)
Dr. Satoshi Tamaki, MOLCURE Inc.
  15:10 - 15:35 (15:40)   Title (TBD)
Prof. Ross King, The Alan Turing Institute
  15:40 - 15:50   Break
  15:50 - 16:15 (16:20)   Derivable Scientific Discovery​
Dr. Cristina Cornelio, Samsung AI
  16:20 - 16:45 (16:50)   Title (TBD)
Prof. Andrew Cooper, University of Liverpool
  16:50 - 17:15 (17:20)   Quantifying Statistical Significance for Data-Driven Scientific Hypotheses
Prof. Ichiro Takeuchi, Nagoya University / RIKEN 
  17:20 - 17:45 (17:50)   Can we hibernate? – R&D toward synthetic hibernation for humans
Dr. Genshiro Sunagawa, RIKEN
  17:50 - 18:10   Discussion
  18:10 - 18:30   Wrap up
Prof. Hiroaki Kitano, The Systems Biology Institute / OIST


Tuesday, November 1, 2022 - 9:00 to 18:30 (JST)


Kobe Campus East Area, RIKEN / Zoom (online)

Auditorium C801, Integrated Innovation Building, RIKEN
6-7-1 Minatojima-minamimachi, Chuo-ku, Kobe, Hyogo 650-0047, Japan



Registration is required to participate in the workshop. Please complete the registration by either Zoom (online) remote participation or In-person (onsite) participation from the link below.

Zoom Registration (online)

In-person (onsite) registration deadline is October 25, 2022 and also participation is limited to 50 people. Registration will be closed when the number of participants reaches 50.

In-Person Registration (onsite)  Registration Closed

COVID-19 Prevention Measures

For taking preventive measures against COVID-19, all participants visiting RIKEN campus are asked to follow the instructions:

  1. Please take your temperature before visiting.
    Note: If you have a fever or are feeling unwell, or if at least 72 hours have not passed since your fever subsided without the aid of medication, you may not visit RIKEN. 
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  6. When visiting, take care to avoid close contact with others and to maintain physical distance between persons. 
  7. Do not touch items or surfaces on campus unless you absolutely must. (You may touch items needed to conduct your business, etc.) 
  8.  After the purpose of your visit is complete, please do not visit any other area of campus where you do not need to go. 
  9. Our campus prohibits smoking in its facilities and grounds. If you use an off-campus smoking area, avoid the 3 Cs to prevent COVID-19 transmission, and be considerate and respectful of the area and others around you. 
  10. If you experience any negative changes in health (fever, sore throat, fatigue, etc.) within 14 days of your visit, notify the person in charge of your visit immediately.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


Workshop Operation Committee

The 2nd Workshop on Nobel Turing Challenge is organaized by Nobel Turing Challenge Initiative with support of The Systems Biology Institute (SBI), RIKEN Laboratory for Biologically Inspired Computing, and Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) - Integrated Open Systems Unit.

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