[Quast Seminar] Dario Cafasso


2024年5月30日 (木) 14:00




Title: Quantum Time-Dilation in Qubit Hypersurfaces

Abstract: The use of quantum spin systems to study the phenomenon of quantum time dilation leads to new insights into the quantum description of gravity. The basis of this description is the Page and Wootters mechanism, where entanglement between two quantum systems allows one to act as a clock for the other, influencing its time evolution. Intriguingly, when the clock system experiences a "gravitational-like interaction", the resulting time evolution can be described by a Time-Dilated Schrödinger equation. This equation includes a "redshift operator," a purely quantum effect that mimics gravitational time dilation. Here we discuss a novel, finite-dimensional framework in which a network of qubit systems can be used as a "global" clock for another non-interacting component of the universe. The result is the Time-Dilation induced Interaction Transfer (TiDIT) mechanism. TiDIT describes how time dilation due to the interaction of a qubit effectively changes the interaction between previously non-interacting parts of the universe. We will explore this concept with a practical example using two coupled qubits as a model for the quantum clock.

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