Modern Ecology and Evolution Journal Club [VENUE&TIME CHANGED]


2021年10月8日 (金) 16:30


Seaside House Recreation Lounge/ Zoom


Dear colleagues
Please feel free to join us for the continuation of fortnightly MEEJC, this Friday, 4.30pm, Seaside House, Recreation Lounge.
Last month, Duda, a postdoc in Husnik Unit, presented a recent paper on predator evolution in the open ocean.
This week we are invited to join for discussion on this recent paper:
Functional repertoire convergence of distantly related eukaryotic plankton lineages revealed by genome-resolved metagenomics
Marine planktonic eukaryotes play a critical role in global biogeochemical cycles and climate. However, their poor representation in culture collections limits our understanding of the evolutionary history and genomic underpinnings of planktonic ecosystems. In this preprint, the authors used 280 billion Tara Oceans metagenomic reads from polar, temperate, and tropical sunlit oceans to reconstruct and manually curate more than 700 abundant and widespread eukaryotic environmental genomes ranging from 10 Mbp to 1.3 Gbp. They then performed a comprehensive genome-wide functional classification of these eukaryotes, revealing four major groups connecting distantly related lineages. Neither trophic modes of plankton nor its vertical evolutionary history could explain the functional repertoire convergence of major eukaryotic lineages that coexisted within oceanic currents for millions of years.
Join Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 992 0113 9194
Passcode: 081722
Due to covid related restrictiong this event is non-eating and drinking. Please wear a mask at all times.

See you there!

(Jointly hosted by Bourguignon and Husnik units)
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