5th ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Course at OIST


2021年1月25日 (月) 9:002021年1月26日 (火) 17:30


OIST Seminar room C210


Date and Venue

  • Date: January 25th Monday - 26th Tuesday, 2020
  • Venue: OIST campus, Onna-son, Okinawa
  • Language: English


The course will cover all the way from the fundamentals of optical microscopy to state-of-the-art, multi-dimensional wide field fluorescence, confocal, super-resolution and light-sheet microscopy systems. Participants will learn through lectures, practical demonstrations and discussions, designed to deliver the principles and applications of modern microscopy.

A strong emphasis will be placed on ‘choosing the right tool for the job’. Participants will also learn to obtain and interpret microscope images, to assess data for common errors and artifacts, and to perform quantitative optical measurements.

The course will benefit primarily graduate students postdoctoral trainees and research scientists in the biological sciences. Non-biologists seeking a comprehensive introduction to microscopy and digital imaging in the biomedical sciences will also benefit greatly from this course.


  • Basics of optics and microscopy
  • Modern techniques for fluorescence live imaging
  • Practical aspects in fluorescence light microscopy for biosciences
  • Hyphenated techniques in microscopy
  • Introduction and principals of superresolution fluorescence microscopy
  • Current opinions in clearing methods for neuroscience
  • Light-sheet microscopy: theory and applications


  • Demonstration and practical insights on advanced light microscopy systems designed for the investigation of sub-optical resolution structures (eg. cytoskeleton of the cell) on live and fixed samples as well as large structure (eg. whole tissue / small organism) in cleared samples.



  • Shinya Komoto
  • img-request@oist.jp
  • Tel: 098-982-3648
Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas ― Platforms for Advanced Technologies and Research Resources  "Advanced Bioimaging Support"




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