Past Events

FY2019 Cryo-Electron Microscopy Course at OIST

2020年2月3日 (月) 9:002020年2月7日 (金) 18:00
Lab 1 B503/Lab3 C700 and IMG Lab

Internal &External workshop

4th ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Course at OIST

2020年1月20日 (月) 9:002020年1月22日 (水) 12:00
Lab1 B503

4th ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Course at OIST

Cryo-Electron Microscopy Course at OIST

2019年2月18日 (月) 9:002019年2月22日 (金) 18:00
Lab 1 B503, Lab 3 C700 and OIST EM facility

Open lecture and Hands-on training related to cryo-electron microscopy

Open Lectures: The 3rd ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Training Workshop at OIST

2019年1月28日 (月) 9:002019年1月30日 (水) 12:00
C210, B503 seminar rooms and "B380"s microscope rooms of OIST

Lectures and microscope demonstration: Super resolution microscopy (SIM, STORM/PALM, STED, etc.)     Aberration correction, Labeling condition, Sampling rate, Denoising, etc.)   Applications in research.  etc.   Registration reqired for demonstration.  Language: English

OIST x Juntendo Joint Workshop of Tokuyasu Method 2019

2019年1月21日 (月) 9:002019年1月25日 (金) 17:00
Center building C210, Lab 1 B503 and OIST EM facility

The Tokuyasu cryo-sectioning method is a well-established technique in Cell Biology for the localisation of macromoleculs by immuno-gold labelling. We will teach the essentials like chemical fixation and its impact on the cellular ultrastructure, how to judge the quality of antibodies and to do immunolabelling.

GBI-ABiS International Training Course for Bioimage Analysis

2018年11月1日 (木) (All day)2018年11月4日 (日) (All day)

Training on Fiji, CellProfiler and OMERO co-organized by GBI (Global BioImaging project) and ABiS (Advanced Bioimaging Support).

Registration closed.

ABiS-GBI-OIST-ResonanceBio Joint Symposium ‘Frontiers in Bioimaging’

2018年10月31日 (水) 10:30 15:45

Speakers: Makoto YOSHIZAWA (RIKEN), Hiroshi KOYAMA (NIBB), Jason SWEDLOW (University of Dundee), Yusuke MORIMOTO (Kyushu Institute of Technology), Akihiro KUSUMI (OIST), Mako KAMIYA (The University of Tokyo), Minh DOAN (Broad Institute), Peilin CHEN (Academia Sinica), Keiko KONO (OIST).   Language: English.   No registration required.

Meeting on Bioimaging for Young Researchers "Chanpuru"

2018年10月29日 (月) (All day)2018年10月30日 (火) (All day)
C209, C210

Organized by "Resonance Bio" project funded by MEXT Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas.

Registration closed.