Seminar: "Phylogenomics of Adaptive Radiation in Antarctic Fishes" by Dr. Alex Dornburg


2018年10月23日 (火) 11:00 12:00


Classroom B700, Lab3


11:10-12:00, Oct 23

Dr. Alex Dornburg
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences (USA)

Phylogenomics of Adaptive Radiation in Antarctic Fishes

Since the onset of polar conditions in the Oligocene, Antarctica's climate has been characterized by periods of global warming and cooling that have had a pronounced impact on its marine biodiversity. In this talk, I will provide an overview of the macroevolutionary history of Antarctic fishes that builds upon insights from phylogenomic, biogeographic, and functional genomic data. These results illustrate links between ecological opportunity, natural selection, and the generation of biodiversity. These findings extend beyond reconstructing events that result in evolutionary innovation, providing critical historical context for forecasting effects of climate change on the stability and evolvability of natural populations.

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