Deep Sea Biology Symposium 2018

Four members of the Mitarai Unit are presenting their deep-sea research at DSBS2018 in the form of two posters and two presentations.

Prof. Satoshi Mitarai

Presents his work on how connectivity will change with forecast global climate change using oceanographic simulations.

Dr Angela Ares-Pita

Is presenting her initial finding of how microbial constituents of hydrothermal vent ecosystems respond to heavy metal enrichment.

Dr Yuichi Nakajima

Presents his method of studying connectivity, not through oceanography like Satoshi, but by measuring the genetic relatedness between distant populations.

Dr Kirk Sato

Explains his findings on how sea urchins in California respond to changing oxygen minimum zones


It's not all about presenting your research, conferences such as this are important for building and maintaining professoinal relationships. 

Pictured Satoshi Mitarai (head of the Marine biophysics Unit) sitting with Kerry Howell (head of the Deep Sea Conservation Unit)