Lectures by unit members

Yasha's talk at TEDxOIST, 2017.
This is not about quantum gravity, but if you wanted to know why gold is yellow:

Video via the TEDx YouTube channel

Yasha's plenary talk at ICGAC-IK conference in Seoul, 2017
This is an overview of my research program, aimed at a general physics audience.

Slides in PDF

Yasha's job interview talk at OIST, 2016.
This is an introduction into the field and my work, aimed at a general scientific audience.

Slides in PDF

A mini-course on higher-spin gravity by Yasha. Perimeter Institute, 2015 (three 1-hour lectures).

Video via Perimeter's online archive (PIRSA)

A seminar talk by Yasha on the imaginary part of the gravitational action & the black hole entropy formula. Perimeter Institute, 2013.

Video via Perimeter's online archive (PIRSA)