OIST Neuroscience Club

The OIST Neuroscience Club aims to host engaging, broad discussions on neuroscience topics from across the spectrum of neuroscience research at OIST and to engage with external scientists. All staff, students, and visitors are welcome to attend, irrespective of unit or research area.

The main activities of the club are:

  • Journal clubs: OISTer presents a paper (monthly)
  • Seminars (ONOS): speakers give a talk or we host a panel discussion (monthly)
  • Tutorials: OISTer presents a tutorial on a specific/new method or technique (occasional)


Student organizers (2022 - current)

Journal club organizers: Jose (Josefine.Reuschenbach2@oist.jp), Lakshmi (lakshmipr.swaminathan@oist.jp), and Aleksandra ( Aleksandra.Gavrilova@oist.jp ) 

ONOS organizers: Yuma (Yuma.Kajihara1@oist.jp), Miyu (Miyu.Nambu@oist.jp), and Naohiro (Naohiro.Yamauchi@oist.jp)

Tutorial organizers: T.Burns (thomas.burns@oist.jp) Lakshmi (lakshmipr.swaminathan@oist.jp) and M. ElTabbal (mohamed.eltabbal@oist.jp)


Faculty advisers (2020 - current)

Executive faculty organizer: Prof. Kazumasa Tanaka 

Advisory faculty organizers: Prof. Kenji Doya, Prof. Tomoki Fukai


Previous year student organizers (2022 - current)

(2021-2022: T.Mokhothu, Y.Kajihara, L.Andreoli, C.Galetzka , K.Tsaridis, T.Burns & M. ElTabbal)

(2019-2020: T.Burns & M. ElTabbal)


Advertiment and communications

Events are advertised on this website, via the internal TIDA events calendar, and through the neuroscience@oist.jp mailing list. To sign up for the neuroscience@oist.jp mailing list (available to OISTers only), please sign up here.