Journal Club

This is a monthly journal club organised by the OIST Neuroscience Club.

Papers can be presented by anyone, and even co-presented by researchers from different units, e.g. a computationalist and an experimentalist, to increase the diversity of scientific thought and discussion. All staff, students, and visitors are welcome to attend, irrespective of unit or research area.

2021 organisers: L.Andreoli (, T.Mokhothu (, and Y.Kajihara (
2019-2020 organisers: T.Burns and M. ElTabbal.

2020 schedule

Date Paper Presenter Location
Thursday 12 March, 4:30pm Isolated cortical computations during delta waves support memory consolidation Tom Burns

C209, Ctr Bldg

Thursday 9 April, 4:30pm Nested neuronal dynamics orchestrate a behavioral hierarchy across timescales M. ElTabbal Zoom
Thursday 14 May, 4:30pm Creating a False Memory in the Hippocampus Lorena Andreoli Zoom
Thursday 11 June, 4:30pm Required growth facilitators propel axon regeneration across complete spinal cord injury Lina Koronfel Zoom
Thursday 9 July, 4:30pm A kinematic synergy for terrestrial locomotion shared by mammals and birds Salvatore Lacava Zoom
Thursday 13 August, 4:30pm & Thursday 20 August, 4:30pm Impact of α-synuclein pathology on transplanted hESC-derived dopaminergic neurons in a humanized α-synuclein rat model of PD Gordon Arbuthnott Zoom
Thursday 10 September, 4:30pm Spatial and Temporal Regulation of Receptor Endocytosis in Neuronal Dendrites Revealed by Imaging of Single Vesicle Formation Sarah Nagasawa Zoom
Thursday 8 October, 4:30pm A Multi-Brain Framework for Social Interaction Katja Sangati Zoom
Thursday 12 November, 4:30pm EthoLoop: automated closed-loop neuroethology in naturalistic environments Sam Reiter Zoom
Thursday 10 December, 4:30pm Cerebellar Directed Optogenetic Intervention Inhibits Spontaneous Hippocampal Seizures in a Mouse Model of Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Thato Mokhothu Zoom


2019 schedule

Date Paper Presenter(s) Location
Thursday 13 June, 4:00pm Why Neurons Have Thousands of Synapses, a Theory of Sequence Memory in Neocortex Tom Burns & M. ElTabbal

B700, Lab 3

Thursday 17 July, 4:00pm Thalamocortical Axonal Activity in Motor Cortex Exhibits Layer-Specific Dynamics during Motor Learning M. ElTabbal B700, Lab 3