We are recruiting!

Current: Postdoc Position details

Ph.D candidates: please contact us (e-mail) for informal discussions about the entry requirements. OIST’s graduate program provides full funding for 5 years and conference travels. See more details at (http://admissions.oist.jp/application-process). Note that all Ph.D students are recruited by the graduate admission committee at OIST, individual professors can not recruit students directly. 

OIST 1st year rotation students: our unit usually hosts 1-2 students every term. Interested first year OIST Ph.D students should contact Amy Shen (e-mail) directly to discuss possible rotation projects at least 2 months before the term starting date. You are also welcome to chat with students from our unit to learn more about our unit. 

Research interns: OIST offers a research intern program for BSc or MSc students, details are available here.