Internal Seminar: Marine Le Gal, Marine Biophysics Unit


2018年11月9日 (金) 16:00


Lab3, C700


Internal Seminar

Speaker: Marine Le Gal, Postdoctoral Researcher, Marine Biophysics Unit (Mitarai Unit)

Title: Tsunami Modelling 


The impact of tsunamis on mankind is well known. During recent years, several events showed us the disasters that they can trigger, which reiterate the importance of understanding their dynamics. Due to their scale, a numerical approach seems well suited to study their mechanisms. During this presentation, two aspects of the tsunami life will be presented: generation and inundation. Due to the lack of observational data, the generation is the least known. As a result, simplified models of the source are used for numerical tsunami modeling, which leads to neglected effects such as the time dependence of the crust deformation. In this study, the impact of temporal parameters on the generation of the wave was investigated. The second part of this presentation will be about the influence of reefs on the flooded area. Reef impacts depend on the water depth among other parameters, leading to the question, what will happen if sea level rise occurs as predicted? For this purpose, a numerical study of the 1771 Meiwa tsunami is presented taking into account future sea level rise around Ishigaki-jima. 

Following the seminar, please join us for free pizza, soft drinks, and scientific discussion from 5-5:30pm. 

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