Internal Seminar Series

The OIST Internal Seminar Series is an informal meeting within the OIST community, where students, postdocs, research assistants and professors alike get to share a piece of their daily lives over free pizza/pastry. During a typical seminar, a speaker will introduce their unit or research field, discuss their latest results, or explain plans for future work.

One of the goals of the Internal Seminar Series is to foster an interdisciplinary, cooperative environment within OIST, where we can learn from each other and understand the motivations that drive research in fields we are not familiar with. This is based on the understanding that the activities at OIST are intrinsically interesting and worthwhile to learn about for curiosity's sake. Beyond this, there is the possibility that internal collaborations may spring up in unforeseen areas of research. We value the diversity of speakers: from students to professors, regardless of study field, age, race, and sex.

Seminars are organized every two weeks. Please see the "Calendar" or "Upcoming Events" links on the left for more information about upcoming seminars. Each seminar usually takes place in Lab 3 room C700 and starts at 16:00, after which there will be free pizza and beverages. The refreshment is financially supported by President's office, while they do not influence the topics, speakers, time, and venue of the seminars.

Interested in speaking at an Internal Seminar? Please contact

2020 Fall 

Considering the COVID situation, all seminars this term will have both on-site and Zoom entries. The on-site audience number should be limited to half of the room capacity. (for example, C700 capacity 60 ppl => 30 people allowed)

September 18

Osamu Horiguchi (Evolutionary Neurobilogy Unit)
Katja Sangati (Embodied Cognitive Science Unit)

October 2

Dongqi Han (Cognitive Neurorobotics Research Unit)
Tomomi Kiyomitsu (Cell Division Dynamics Unit)

October 16

Sergey Zobnin (Neural Computation Unit)
Timothy Ravasi (Marine Climate Change Unit)

October 30

Chris Cambpell (Quantum Systems Unit)

November 13

Takeshi Tabuchi Yagui (Nucleic Acid Chemistry and Engineering Unit)
Kazumasa Tanaka (Memory Research Unit)

November 27

Christine Guzman (Evolutionary Neurobiology Unit)
Stefano Olivieri (Complex Fluids and Flows Unit)

December 11

Friederike Metz (Quantum Systems Unit)
Zesen Lin (Organic Optoelectronics Unit)

Current organizers:
  • Marylka Yoe Uusisaari (
  • Yasha Neiman (
  • Fabien Benureau (
  • Jigyasa Arora (
  • Yuka Suzuki (
  • Kun-Lung Li (
  • Kamila Mustafina (
  • Nadine Wirkuttis (
  • Ainash Garifullina (
  • Aleksandra Bliznina (
  • Lewis Ruks (
  • Mohamed Boubakour (

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Former organizers:
  • Jonathan Ward
  • Yunhui Zheng
  • Amy Shen
  • Eliot Fried
  • Stefan Pommer
  • Carolina Diaz
  • Tina Mularski
  • Oleg Simakov
  • Alexander Badrutdinov 
  • Omar Jáidar 
  • Marco Tsui 
  • Eiji Uchibe 
  • Hiroshi Izumi
  • Jérémie Gillet
  • Mary Ann Price
  • Shao Fang Wang
  • Romanas Chaleckis
  • Bianca Sieveritz
  • Lauren Dembeck
  • Robert Campbell
  • Andreas Thomasen
  • Jason Ball 
  • Maéva Techer 
  • Maggi Mars Brisbin
  • Afshan Jamshaid 


Special thanks to Rina Matsumoto (President Office) for managing the budget and payment for internal seminars, Tomoko Yoshino (Mitarai Unit) for dealing with paper works for the payment, and Akiko Mizukoshi (University Community Services) for communicating with the cafe to provide refreshment.