2019年1月31日 (木) 15:00

Title: Genomic origins of Yaponesians, people on Japanese Archipelago

Speaker: Naruya Saitou

Affiliation: National Institute of Genetics


2019年2月15日 (金) 16:00

Internal Seminar Series


2019年1月24日 (木) 15:00


Learn to summarize and present yourself and your research in a short time.

This seminar is aimed at intern students who are not native speakers of English, but all are welcome to attend.

Language: English. Venue: c600B. No need to register.


2019年1月31日 (木) 9:00

Thesis Public Presentation

Presenter: Yafei Mao

Title: Whole-genome sequence analysis of the evolutionary history of the reef-building coral genus Acropora (Scleractinia, Cnidaria)

Date&Time: January 31st, 9:00-10:00

Venue: C700, LevelC, Lab3


2019年1月22日 (火) 13:00

Thesis Public Presentation

Presenter: Nilupaer Abudukeyoumu

Title: Cholinergic interneurons in striatal microcircuit  dynamics studied with anatomical, and behaviora l  methods

Date&Time: January 22nd, 13:00-14:00

Venue: C209, Level C, Ctr Bldg


2019年1月16日 (水) 13:00

Title: Undulatory locomotion and its control in C. : models and experiments

Speaker: Dr. Netta Cohen

Affiliation: University of Leeds


2019年1月17日 (木) 15:00

Title: Age-related changes in brain function and connectivity in relation to motor behavior

Speaker: Dr. Stephan P. Swinnen

Affiliation:  Movement Control & Neuroplasticity Research Group, KU Leuven, Belgium


2019年1月15日 (火) 10:00

Title: The functional organization and plasticity of rodent motor cortex

Speaker: Dr. Gordon Teskey

Affiliation:  University of Calgary


2019年1月16日 (水) 14:00

Thesis Public Presentation

Presenter: Masakazu Igarashi

Title: The role of interhemispheric cortico-corticalconnections in bimanual coordination in the rats

Date&Time: January 16th, 14:00-15:00

Venue: C210, Level C, Ctr Bldg


2019年1月15日 (火) 14:00

Thesis Public Presentation

Presenter: Kazuto Kawamura

Title:Forward genetic screen for Caenorhabditis elegans mutants with a progressive decline in adult locomotor function

Date&Time: January 15th, 14:00-15:00

Venue: C210, Level C, Ctr Bldg