2016 visitors

6 October 2016 

Prof. Takeaki Sakurai

Tsukuba University

[Seminar] Crystalline defects in highly efficient widegap Cu(In,Ga)Se2 based solar cells


30 August 2016 

Prof. Mingdeng Wei

Fuzhou University

[Seminar] Titanates and Their Derivatives: New Electrode Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage












25 August 2016 

Prof. Tongyi Zhang

Shanghai University

[Seminar] Solubility and Internal Stress in Nanograined Materials and Nanoparticles

25 August 2016 

Prof. Jincang Zhang

Shanghai University 

Second left Prof. Jingcang Zhang










25 August 2016 

Prof. Weijia Wen

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Third left Prof. Weijia Wen










26 July 2016 

Prof. Feng Yan

Hong Kong Polytechnic University

[Seminar] Photovoltaic Devices with Advanced Nanotechnology- Hong Kong Polytechnic University


13 July 2016 

Prof. Yun Lai

Professor and the Associate Dean in the School of Physical Science and Technology in Soochow University in Suzhou, China.

[Seminar] Ultra-transparent media, generalized transformation optics, and ultra-thin cloaking shells










18 April 2016 

Dr. Jeremy Hieulle


[Seminar] Influence of Chemical doping and molecular organization on the electronic properties of 2D organic thin films