Seminar by Matthieu Koroma: Cardiac responses of sensory processing in wake and sleep


2024年6月26日 (水) 10:00


Lab3 C700


Speaker: Matthieu Koroma PhD in Neuroscience

Title: Cardiac responses of sensory processing in wake and sleep

Date: 26 June (Wed)

Time: 10:00-11:00

Location: Lab3, C700

Abstract: We will demonstrate in this talk that cardiac responses to sounds, usually discarded from analyses in sleep studies, contain meaningful information about cognitive processes beyond that obtained with cerebral activity only. To do so, we will present three studies showing that heartbeats encode (i) the basic integration of internal and external sensory inputs during wakefulness, (ii) the detection of complex auditory irregularities in REM sleep, (iii) an embodied semantic processing in NREM sleep. Overall, these novel results offer an empirical demonstration of the embodiment of auditory processing during sleep and highlight the value of cardiac signals for our understanding of sleep functions.


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This work was supported by JST Grant Number JPMJPF2205

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