We strongly encourage graduate students, who are working in related fields, to participate in this workshop. 

All accepted participants have the possibility to present a poster on their recent or current work, and we will also have a number of slots available for contributed oral presentations. Please include a title and abstract if you want to do this.

As OIST is in a slightly remote location, we will organise lunches for all participants. The conference fee of 10,000 JPY includes these lunches and the participation at the conference banquet (to be held during the poster-session).  We will also organise a bus-transfer between Naha Airport and OIST for people arriving late the day before the workshop starts. The cost for the bus transfer is 1,500 JPY and details will be communicated later. All payments are to be made at registration in Okinawa, by credit card (preferred) or in cash.

We offer support for students in the form of free accommodation in shared twin (2 single beds) room close to OIST. If you are a student and would like to apply for this (the number of rooms is limited), please confirm with your MSc/PhD Supervisor that he/she is willing to write a brief letter of recommendation by January 7th 2019. You will need to fill in their details in the Referee section below and we will contact them subsequently. If your referee is having problems uploading, please ask them to email the reference directly to

We also have a small number of travel bursaries available for students, which can help cover the flight costs up to 50% of the actual ticket price. Please indicate below if you want to apply for this. 

After pressing the submit button, please wait until you see a page acknowledging the submission. You should also get an email confirming that the submission has been successful.

Applications are accepted until the end of December 31st 2018 (Any Time Zone).

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To be eligible for accommodation and/or travel support, please ask your supervisor to send a brief letter of recommendation to

This letter should include an assessment of the importance of participating in the workshop for your work and it must be submitted at the latest by January 7th 2019.  

Please note that it is your responsibility that we receive this letter!

* an address we can send documents for your visa application
* a phone number which a delivery combany can reach you when we send you documents for your visa application
*This is for organisation of meals at the conference cite.
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A submission confirmation and a referral requested message from OIST Groups will be sent to you within two hours.  Thank you for your patience.