QSense OIST Mini-Symposium Talk 1: "Diamond spin qubits: quantum sensing and photoelectric readout


2021年2月1日 (月) 17:00


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Speaker: Prof Fedor Jelezko, Institute for Quantum Optics, Universität Ulm

Diamond spin qubits: quantum sensing and photoelectric readout 
(QSense OIST Mini Symposium Talk 1)​

A particularly interesting application of diamond based quantum sensing is the detection of nuclear magnetic resonance on nanometer scales, including the detection of individual nuclear spins or small ensembles of external nuclear spins. Single nitrogen vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond currently have sufficient sensitivity for detecting single external nuclear spins and resolve their position within a few angstroms. The ability to bring the sensor close to biomolecules by implantation of single NV centers and attachment of proteins to the surface of diamond enabled the first proof of principle demonstration of proteins labeled by paramagnetic markers and label-free detection of the signal from a single protein. Single-molecule nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) experiments open the way towards unraveling dynamics and structure of single biomolecules. However, for that purpose, NV magnetometers must reach spectral resolutions comparable to that of conventional solution state NMR. New techniques for this purpose including technique that employs quantum entanglement and machine learning will be discussed. Most of mentioned above results obtained so far with diamond centers are based on optical detection of single NV color centers. Recently it was shown that photoelectrical detection of NV centers base on spin selective photoionization can provide robust and efficient access to spin state of individual color center.

OIST Mini-Symposium for Quantum Sensors of Magnetic and Inertial Forces

This mini-symposium is hosted by the Quantum Machines Unit in the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University, and will take place from Feb 1, 2021 - March 5, 2021. To get the precise schedule and zoom invitation please register below. Attendance is open to any student/faculty member from any of the institutions associated with the speakers.


Quantum systems are extremely fragile, sensitive to noise and fluctuations by their environments. This, in turn, makes them excellent sensors for a variety of forces and fields. In this mini-symposium we focus on the development of novel quantum sensors which are aimed at the precision sensing of inertial forces such as acceleration or gravity, and magnetic forces.

Such sensors - accelerometers/gravimeters or magnetometers, have a widespread application in industry such as sensing underground water movements using gravimeters, through to magnetic brain imaging using magnetoencephelography. Each week we hear from three international experts on these topics in hour-long seminars and discussions.

For more information, visit the QSense website.

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