OIST Workshop "Developing Neural Circuits Course 2020 (DNC2020)"


2020年7月30日 (木) (All day) から 2020年8月14日 (金) (All day)


About the Course
The assembly of the functional nervous system is one of the most complex developmental processes in nature. Discovering the mechanisms involved is vital both for advancing basic scientific understanding and as a foundation for future strategies to treat neurological disease, congenital cognitive impairment and neural injury. This course aims to efficiently and rapidly introduce students to the intellectual background, model systems, experimental methods and expert investigators in this topic area and will be of tremendous value in establishing the next generation of young neurobiologists.

Developing Neural Circuits Course 2020 dates:​
Arrival Jul. 30; Course July 31 - Aug 13; Departure Aug. 14

Visit the workshop website for more details. 

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Sponsor or Contact: 
Neuronal Mechanism for Critical Period Unit (Yoko Yazaki-Sugiyama)
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Application Deadline

2020-02-28 (All day)

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