Analysis on Metric Spaces


2022年5月23日 (月) (All day)2022年5月27日 (金) (All day)


OIST Conference Center - Meeting Rooms


Originally scheduled for May 2021, this workshop has been rescheduled to May 2022 due to the situation with COVID-19. The new dates are May 23 - 27, 2022.We ask for you understanding that the dates are subject to change due to the the current COVID-19 situation.

Analysis on metric spaces is a very active and independent field nowadays, bringing together researchers from different parts of the mathematical spectrum. Besides its mathematical importance, it has far-reaching applications to areas as diverse as geometric group theory, nonlinear PDEs, and even theoretical computer science.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together a number of top class mathematicians working in this area in several research lines. Specific topics to be emphasized during the conference include Sobolev spaces on metric spaces, quasiconformal mapping theory, nonlinear potential theory and the calculus of variations, and notions of curvature in non-smooth spaces. These subjects will be studied in a variety of non-smooth settings, including sub-Riemannian manifolds, fractals, and more general metric measure spaces. We plan to have 15 plenary talks given by senior experts, 5 short talks by junior leading mathematicians, and a session of contributed talks.

This workshop will act as a platform to introduce recent advances and trends in this field and is likely to inspire outstanding and valuable collaborations. The contributed talk session of younger researchers provides the opportunity for early-career mathematicians to present their research and facilitate communication among the participants.

OIST is deeply committed to the advancement of women in science, in Japan and worldwide. Women are strongly encouraged to apply.

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Xiaodan Zhou (Analysis on Metric Spaces Unit)
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2023-02-23 23:45

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