Preschool 3-4 Years Old

Preschool 3 - 4 Years Old


Welcome to Nujyumi, Wakatida, and Miyarabi Class!

We will be learning through various themes throughout the course of the year. The children will be educated in English and Japanese. Each child will attend two circles times daily, one spoken in English and one in Japanese; they will also take part in a ‘Goodbye’ circle and participate in group activities directed by teachers. A center time is a play time that structured around our theme for the week. Some centers offer free play options and some are academic oriented. During centers the children will have a chance to learn independently.

Our curriculum includes daily Phonics, which includes the English alphabet and Japanese Hiragana and Katakana letter recognition and letter sounds, numbers recognition and gross and fine motor skills development. We also focus on basic fine motor skills as pencil grasp, scissor skills and dressing independently. Every month we focus on a letter, a number, a shape and a color, and practice them until the children are able to master these concepts. We have writing exercises that help to improve letter and number formation with our final goal of teaching them to write their names in English and Japanese and write numbers from 1-10. All these topics are imparted in a fun way, through games, songs and interactive activities, it is very important to us that children learn through activity, fun and play!


Daily Activities

Circle Time

At circle time, we talk about the theme of the week and any special events that may be taking place on that day or in the days to come. The children will also have a chance to speak freely in an open discussion time.  This time allows the teacher to work with the children on their speaking and listening skills. During circle time, children also learn about the days of the week, months of the year, seasons, counting, and word families.  These areas will be taught through the use of songs and games. At the end of circle time, we do story time reading exploring our favorite books or books that are related to our weekly theme.

Good Bye Circle

Every day in the afternoon, we ask our children to sit on a circle, with their backpacks and we talk about what we learned during the day and announce our activities for the next day. This is an excellent opportunity to summarize our learning objectives and outline and look forward to our activities the next day. After that we place our backpacks outside and get ready for afternoon snack.

Group Activity

Each day the children will have 2 group activity times, one in English and again in Japanese.  The activities are always different. Activities include, but are not limited to arts and crafts, songs, dance, indoor/outdoor games, cooking, and story time. Also, once a week, we offer a brief fitness session when we move, dance, jump and exercise to work on their physical development.


During center time, your child will have a chance to learn independently.  This is a playtime that is structured around our educational focus of the week.  Some centers are play based and some are academic.  Kindergartners need to work on social skills and explore the world around them.  This means getting along with others, sharing, and interacting in small groups.  During center time is when the teacher will work one on one with students if needed.

Outdoor Play

Gross motor and outdoor play is very important for young children, we go outside for play two times each day unless there is lightening or it’s raining hard. If the temperature is warm and there are only a few sprinkles the children will go outside. In the summer and winter months we will follow the chart set by Tedako regarding appropriate temperatures to be outside in. Your child will need to dress appropriately for the weather.  No children stay inside unless they have a doctor’s note.  Tedako requires that each child have a sun hat. This will protect the children from the sometimes-intense Okinawan sun.  We also ask that sunscreen be provided, especially during April-October.  During the summer months we will have water play days. Your child may come to school in their water clothes with a change of clothes for afterwards. Also please bring a towel and a plastic bag labeled with your child`s name.

Snack and Lunch Time

Each day your child will receive two snacks provided by Tedako.  Your child may come with a home lunch or school lunch that can also be purchased for 350 yen. Please make arrangements with office personnel for your child’s lunch order.

Drop off and Pick up/Supplies

  • At drop off time (8:00am-9:15am), we accept your child outside. Please send your child to school with sunscreen on during hot seasons. 
  • If your child is sick or cannot attend for some reason, please call or e-mail us before 9:00am on that day to let us know. 
  • We play outside except during bad weather, so please bring shoes or rain boots every day. 
  • If an individual is not listed on the Emergent Contact Form, we do not release the child to that individual.  
  • Please sign the time of drop off and pick up on attendance sheet each day. If an authorized person will drop off or pick up your child, please inform that person of the attendance sheet. 
  • We ask that you prepare all the supplies on the attached supply list and write your child’s name on everything. Each child has his or her own cubby where we keep all their supplies. Please make sure there are enough cloths, diapers or other supplies at the pick-up time and refill them next day. 
  • We open from 8:00am-6:00pm on Monday to Friday. We will charge a late fee of 1000 yen every 15 minutes when a child is picked up after 6:00pm. 
  • When you pick up your child, please do not forget to take home his or her water bottle. 

Nap Time

Nap time is approximately 12:00pm to 2:30pm. Please do not drop off your child during the nap time in order not to disturb other children sleep. 

Additional Information


We celebrate birthdays at Tedako once a month. Please check the monthly newsletter regarding the date and time which we will celebrate for your child. The school will provide the cake and milk.


Parents are obliged to make alternative care arrangements if their child has a fever or vomited within 24 hours before they arrive to school. If your child has vomited at school, he or she may be sent home. Children who are sent home because of fever or any illness the day before, should at home.


Parents of children who require prescribed medication to be administered at school by the Tedako CDC staff must complete a medication authorization form. A form must be filled out each day, or as needed. Japanese medical law prevents CDC staff from measuring dosage. Medication should be premeasured in a container by dosage before given to CDC staff.