2023 Study Sessions for OIST Staff 事務職員向け勉強会

C-Hub is pleased to host a series of sessions for members in the administrative and management divisions to provide basic overall knowledge of OIST’s research activities, and to connect this understanding to a broader perspective of your role in the organization.

Are you interested in learning about the synergies between the research and educational activities of universities, and understanding the nature of your workplace? Would you like to learn more about the whole university organization and how it works to improve the work process and communications across OIST? How might this broader, longer-term perspective change your daily work?

English Sessions (Syllabus)
Topic, Schedule & Venue    
Session 1: Activities of Researchers (Sept 13th, 14:30-15:30 @C700)    
Session 2: Research Areas of Science and Technology (Oct 4th, 14:30-15:30 @C700)    
Session 3: Research Equipment, Facilities and Technical Assistance (Oct 26th, 14:00-15:00 @C700)    
Session 4: Research administrative support  (Nov 16th, 11:00-12:00 @L5D23)    
Session 5: Overview of OIST organization, Questions and Discussion (Dec 6th, 14:30-15:30 @C700)    

Should you wish to utilize the listed materials for lectures or in articles outside of OIST, please seek our permission in advance (link here).


Speaker: Mizuki Shimanuki, Provost Office
Facilitator: Ayumi Nagai, C-Hub

No prior registration is required. Attendance will be recorded on-site.



第1回 「研究者の活動」 (2023年4月6日13:30-14:30 @C700) 
第2回 「科学と技術の研究分野」 (2023年5月25日13:30-14:30 @L4E48)
第3回 「研究機器・施設および技術支援」 (2023年6月15日13:00-14:00 @L4E48) 
第4回 「研究事務支援」 (2023年7月6日13:30-14:30 @L4E48)
第5回 「OIST組織の俯瞰・総括」 (2023年7月20日13:30-14:30 @L4E48)