Deadline for Submissions---Symposium 2024: Inclusive Leadership


2023年12月8日 (金) (All day)



The deadline is approaching to submit a proposal for a concurrent session or poster at C-Hub's Symposium 2024: Inclusive Communication, to be held March 7-8, 2024.

The deadline is next Friday, December 8.

Please consider submitting a proposal for one of the following types of session:

  • panel discussion 
  • professional development 
  • birds-of-a-feather/shared interests 
  • poster

Here is the link to our Call for Proposals page, which includes full descriptions of each of the session types and links to submit a proposal. 

This year’s symposium (full description here) creates a forum for considering the ways in which organizations and individuals can center equity and inclusion to enable maximally effective communication structures and practices to ultimately foster engagement, creativity, and wellbeing. 

We will hear from keynote speakers who have been instrumental in breaking down barriers to fully participatory engagement. They will raise our awareness of what critical voices, data, and representations are erased when information is biased or access to participation is limited. They will aim to motivate us, through their work, to take action in our own roles and environments.

As we gather attendees across Japan and internationally from the university, non-profit, and private sectors, we hope that you will join us to create impactful synergy to the region and inspiration to the world beyond. It would be much appreciated if you also help us spread the word.

Our deadline for proposal submission is December 8th, 23:59, JST. 

If you only plan to attend the symposium without presenting at a session, we still encourage you to do so soon (link here), due to our slightly smaller capacity this year. 


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