Previous Conferences & Workshops

One of the main strategic goals of the NbD Unit is "to define and boost the research field of Cluster Beam Deposition". To this end, we are very active in organizing and hosting conferences, symposia, and workshops that bring together world-leading experts in both theoretical and experimental nanocluster science. Our aspiration is to help build a productive international community of dynamic scientists around this often neglected emerging field.

Past experience has shown that a great number of collaborations were initiated during previous workshops organized by the Nanoparticles by Design Unit; a fact which has provided added value to OIST’s research output, but also, most importantly, has put Okinawa in a center spot worldwide in the field of cluster beam deposition. We aspire that Advances in Cluster Beam Deposition will follow this tradition, taking advantage of the momentum gained in previous years, and solidify this achievement with the development of even more collaborations.