NSCA Workshop, May 2016

Nanocluster research is currently an area of intense scientific interest due to a wide variety of potential applications such as renewable energy, electronics, biotheranostics, textiles, etc. However, many groups around the world use nanoclusters which are not optimized for their specific applications, wasting time and resources.

This workshop will focus on:

1) The design and synthesis of size-selected multi-component nanoclusters, and their optimization for particular applications, with emphasis on the nucleation and growth mechanisms, oxidation, surface segregation, sintering under different environmental conditions and structure-property correlations.

2) In situ characterization techniques to study the structure and behavior of nanoparticles under different environmental conditions.

3) Applications of nanoclusters, such as nanocatalysis, biomedical coatings, gas sensing and hydrogen storage.

4) Computer simulations and theoretical modeling.

The primary objective of this workshop is to bring together experts in the field (both in theory and experiment) and to facilitate fruitful collaboration and the exchange of ideas amongst participants about nanoclusters and their future applications.