4th ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Course at OIST

Date and Venue

  • Date:  January 20th (Mon) -22th (Wed), 2020
  • Venue:  OIST campus, Onna-son, Okinawa
  • Language:  English


During this course you will gain insights on the latest development of state-of-the-art imaging technologies and sample preparation for the 3D visualization of biological samples.

The course will cover advanced light microscopy techniques, and in particular attention (theory and practice) will be given to application of light-sheet microscopy, and clearing methods. 

The course is open to all scientists (postdoc, technician, PhD student) who are interested to broaden their knowledge and skills on light microscopy. Therefore, participants should have minimum knowledge on fluorescent light microscopy to attend.


  • Insights in light-sheet microscopy                                         Dr. Reto Fiolka
  • Overview on clearing methods                                              Dr. Chih-Yung Lin
  • Fluorescent probes for neuroscience                                      Dr. Bernd Kuhn
  • Methods for Fluorescence imaging in Plants                         Dr. Koji Koizumi
  • Cameras for biological imaging                                             Dr. Paolo Barzaghi
  • Biological applications                                                           Dr. Shinya Komoto
  • Correlative microscopy for biological sample                       Dr. Bruno Humbel


  • Clearing methods (water-based methods)
  • Light-sheet microscopy (sample preparation, acquisition, and data process)


Registration        (Application deadline: December 1, 2019)

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Travel funding available (accommodation and domestic flights only)

To apply, please state the motivation to participate at the course.


  • img-request@oist.jp
  • TEL: 098-982-3648
  • Shinya Komoto

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