ABiS Tailored Training Program

ABiS Tailored Training Program:個別トレーニングプログラム



  • 様々な理由で大勢でのオンサイト開催が難しいこと
  • 毎年度1月に開催しているトレーニングコースでは日程が合わなかった参加者にも対応できること
  • 少人数にすることで、より参加者のニーズに応えた実習が可能になること


応募期限:偶数月 最終日 17:00まで受付 → 審査 


ABiS Advanced Light Microscopy Training Course


    We are accepting requests for tailored training program.

    Tailored Training Program:

    The course is designed to give an introductory training on the usage of microscopy tools commonly used in biological applications and it is intended for researchers at the begin of their scientific careers or at early stage of their projects.

    It is given the opportunity to focus on one area of applications which might be chosen among: a) advanced confocal imaging, b) large specimens imaging  and c) super-resolution microscopy (STED).

    Training on other imaging modalities might be made available upon request.  

    Typical Program: (The illustrated program might be changed at anytime without notice) 


    Day 1 – Part 1

    •Introduction to optical microscopy
    •Theory and practical tools for the usage of  stereo, upright and inverted microscopes for research in biological applications



    Day 2 – Part 1

    •Introduction to fluorescence confocal imaging.
    •Practical imaging of biological sample using fluorescence confocal microscopy.



    Day 3

    •Presentation of the results obtained and open discussion
    •Q&A session with the imaging specialists of the Scientific Imaging Section



    Day 1 – Part 2

    •Basics of sample preparation
    •Practical usage of widefield  fluorescence microscopy with biological samples.
    •Basics of image processing for data analysis and presentation



    Day 2 – Part 2

    •Hands-on on the area of choice (see options below).
    •Data analysis and summary of results for presentation purpose





    Option A

    Setting up and acquisition of multi-dimensional imaging dataset using advanced fluorescence confocal microscopy

    Option B

    Basics of clearing methods and light-sheet microscopy.

    Sample preparation and imaging of large specimens 

    Option C

    Basics of sample preparation for super-resolution microscopy. Introduction to the usage of STED microscopy followed by hands-on session