Relocation and Enrollment Week Schedule (AY2021 - September)


  1. Relocation Week: Wed, Aug 25 – Tue, Aug 31

(Mandatory for all on-site students)
a) Housing Orientation
: Mon, Aug 30, 10:00-11:00, at Conference Center, meeting room 1

b) Registration to the municipal office and Opening bank account: by 31st Aug (by yourself)
Please visit the Onna village office by yourself after you cleared the 1st PCR test upon your arrival, complete the paperwork at the Onna Village office and visit the bank (optional) and submit designated documents as instructed.

  2. Enrollment Week: Wed, Sep 1 –  Tue, Sep 7

  Schedule (for on-site). updated on Aug. 27th 
  Schedule (for remote)

1. Please check the detailed schedule for Dates and Venues. There are separate orientation schedules for students enrolled "On-site" or "remotely". The schedule is downloadable by clicking the link above.

2. There are orientations which are "Mandatory: for all students" or "Mandatory: by assigned individual/group". You will be contacted separately if you are assigned to attend the "Mandatory: by assigned individual/group" session.

3. (Mandatory for all on-site students) Please fill out the Medical Questionnaire for Eye Check and bring it with you on the check-up day. See here to find to which group (1 or 2) you are assigned (the password to open the file is notified in a separate email).

    a) Medical Questionnaire for Eye Check 
    b) Instruction on How to fill out the questionnaire


On-site Venues (Maps)

    Physical presence is expected for on-site students. Please come to the degignated venue.

Main venue: Meeting Room B700 (Level B, Lab 3) 

Online Venue

For students remotely attending the session, please access them through the zoom meeting set below.
Meeting ID: 940 3192 9410
Passcode: 448275



Section Email address Orientation
Academic Affairs Section -Academic Affairs Orientation
-Library Orientation
-Eye Check-up
-Animal Research Section Orientation/Training
-Student Council
-Student Early Intervention
-Registrar Team Orientation
Curriculum and Programs Section -Curriculum and Programs Orientation
-IT Orientation
-Research Ethics
-OHS Orientation
Student Affairs Section -Student Affairs Orientation
-Housing Orientation
-Ganjuu Wellbeing Services Orientation
-Health Center Orientation