RI Orientation Materials and Useful Links

Orientation Materials

Academic Affairs Section
What to expect in your research unit, training and approvals, use of OIST resources, learning opportunities, etc.

Registrar Section
Relocation procedures, residence card information, departing from OIST, taking leave, shortening/extending your study term, etc.

Admissions and Outreach Section
OIST PhD program, Science Education Outreach, etc.

Student Affairs Section
Emergency numbers, typhoon guidelines, daily safety, water safety, insurances, transportation, visa status, etc.

Compliance with Japanese Law
Restrictions under Japanese law, etc.

Student Housing
How to separate garbage, and more useful tips.

Student Council (as of October 2023)
Communication channels, peer supporters, clubs, sustainable living, events, and more!

Useful Links

Please see the useful links below.
*Some links will not be accessible until you receive your OIST account on your date of enrollment.

You can find the information about OIST courses and how to apply for auditing a course.